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This site is your source for  information on breeding birds in the state of Michigan, including access to two important longitudinal studies conducted over nearly a 40 year period by the research program at the Kalamazoo Nature Center and its partner organizations.  Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas I & II provide useful information on the status of birds in Michigan.
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Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II

Version 1.0

Allen T. Chartier
Jennifer J. Baldy
John M. Brenneman

Kalamazoo Nature Center, 2011.

The Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II is a web-based document with full PDF accounts of all species that breed within the state, and limited information about selected others observed in the state as well. Research was conducted primarily between 2002 and 2008.  Its purpose is to provide new information about breeding populations in Michigan as well as to provide a set of data to compare and contrast with MBBA I.  Click on the MBBA II tab or the link to access the altas links. 

Suggested Citation:  
Chartier, A.T., J.J.Baldy, and J.M.Brenneman.  2011.  The Second Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas, 2002-2008.  Kalamazoo Nature Center.  Kalamazoo, MI. 


Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas I


Richard Brewer
Gail A. McPeek
Raymond J. Adams, Jr.

The Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas I was published after a six year study between 1983 and 1988. It was originally published as a hard cover book by Michigan State University Press in 1991.  A compete set of searchable PDF of the entire publication can be found under the MBBA I tab.

Suggested Citation:
Brewer, R., G.A. McPeek, and R.J. Adams, Jr.  1991.  The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Michigan.  Michigan State University Press. East Lansing, MI.