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Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II Table of Contents





Initiatives and Issues
    Avian Disease
    Climate Change
        Information from USDA Forest Service
    Important Bird Areas    
    Bird Conservation Partnerships
    Conservation on Private Lands

Species Accounts
    Alphabetic Listing
    Taxonomic Listing

    Appendix 1:  Taxonomic Listing
    Appendix 2:  Block Totals and Relative Block Index by Species
    Appendix 3:  Comparison of Township totals from MBBA I to MBBA II
    Appendix 4:  Comparison of Block totals from MBBA I to MBBA II

The information presented on this site represents the summary of a seven year period of annual surveys which collected over 475,000 observations at block level resolution.  We are pleased to provide this information to research projects, community planning projects, and conservation groups in order to complement their efforts.  If you are involved in a project or organization that would benefit from more detailed information from this atlas project, please contact:  If your data request differs significantly from the format of the raw data, we may request a minimal fee to compensate for time required for data or map preparation.

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Red-breasted Nuthatch © Darlene Friedman
Tree Swallow © Darlene Friedman
Dark-eyed Junco © Darlene Friedman
Northerrn Saw-whet Owl © Nova Mackentley

Wilson's Warbler © Darlene Friedman
Ring-billed Gull © Darlene Friedman

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